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You have just taken a very important first step towards creating not just a functional, but also a stunning home or workplace and with so many different wooden shutter styles available – no matter what shape or size of the window

– We at Creative Blinds and Shutters can assure you of a first class service and a quality made-to-measure product.

“I have just had some shutters installed by Creative Blinds and Shutters and they look FANTASTIC. I was really impressed by the professionalism and the time that Richard took to make sure I got everything I wanted.”Mike (Guildford)

Why you should choose shutters

creative blinds and shutters GuildfordThere are many reasons why you should choose plantation window shutters: their beauty, insulation and security qualities and control over light, noise and privacy are just a few. They will also add to the kerb appeal of your property and because they are considered to be a highly desirable window dressing, which will remain with your house or apartment should you decide to move on, most institutions will allow the cost to be included in a mortgage. With more than 15 years supplying and installing many different window shutter styles, Creative Blinds and Shutters will take the very best care of you and your property.

Discover shutter styles to suit everyone

top qualityNo two windows are ever the same, unless you are living in a standard new build. Even with those, architects are now incorporating more unusual styles – the last thing you want to do is cover them up with old fashioned dust collectors like curtains. This is the beauty of made-to-measure wood window shutters – they can be used for any style or shape of window and instead of hiding it, they will create even more of a feature.

“Here is an overview as to what is available and what they will do for your property:”

Full Height

Shutters Styles Full Height

This type is the most popular as they maximise privacy and light control. They cover the whole of the window and have the option of a midsection privacy bar, allowing you to keep the top half open and the bottom half closed. This gives excellent privacy, while still allowing natural light to flood into the room. They are also popular as room dividers and for wardrobe doors.

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Bay Windows

bay window shutters surrey

Always beautiful and essentially difficult to find a window dressing that will enhance rather than hide; shutters are the perfect solution. They will curve graciously to match the lines or if your bays are of the window seat type,they can be made with one long panel and two smaller side panels. Your bay windows will look gorgeous and light and privacy control maximised. They are available in different shutter styles

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Tier on Tier Shutters Surrey

Again very popular for any type of window as they are in sections, allowing flexibility over light and privacy control. They look incredibly beautiful on sash windows and bays and are perfect for any property that might sit on a busy street. Keep the lower louvres closed for privacy and leave the top ones open to allow natural light in.

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Café Style

Cafe Style Shutters Surrey

Very beautiful on Victorian terraced and town houses, they are also considered to be trendy and chic. Covering the lower half of the window only, they will give privacy from passersby while natural light floods in through the top half. Like all window shutter styles, they give enormous kerb appeal and will make your property stand out from others in the street.

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Doors and Tracksystems

Doors and Tracksystems

Many modern properties have large windows, perhaps covering almost the whole wall, they are also incorporated into many extensions. This is the perfect window dressing for them. Light and privacy control is at its very best and you also have the option to fold them back against the walls either side of the window. Alternatively, perfect for summer, leave the windows wide open and close the shutters and enjoy the wonderful weather without annoying insects and moths getting into your room.

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Bathroom Shutters

Bathroom Shutters

This type of shutter needs to be 100 percent waterproof, which is why ours are made from a first class hard, lightweight plastic known as ABS. They are of such a high quality, that at first glance they look like wood, but will not warp or crack when subjected to humid and steamy environments. ABS shutters will turn any bathroom into a unique and gorgeous room.

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Solid Shutters

Solid Shutters

If you have a traditional, characterful home, then these are for you. Their classic, timeless appeal suits any property and will enhance those gorgeous period windows. They provide the ultimate in privacy, light and noise control, so perfect for any windows where you are overlooked and for bedrooms where an almost total blackout quality is required.

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Special Shapes & Arches

Shapes and Arches

Found in many different types of properties, from barn and chapel conversions through to architect designed dream homes, these stunning shaped shutters such as arches, gable ends, ellipses, circles, half circles and octagons will provide a window dressing that is perfect. If they are in hard to reach places, don’t worry, they can also come with a remote control.

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Transform your living space

Installing shutters in your home or workplace is to introduce a window dressing that will last for many years to come, with low maintenance and easy cleaning. There is a wide choice of colours and stains available, including custom colours if required. Here at Creative Blinds and Shutters we take pride in what we do, from our customer service care, before and after purchase, through to our surveyor visiting your property to discuss your requirements, ensuring that you not only get exactly what you want, but also the most suitable for your windows and circumstances. Your shutters will then be made-to-measure and installed by our skilled fitters. Back this up with a solid guarantee and reviews from previous customers, no matter what shutters styles you choose, perfection is assured.

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